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Panania is a quiet, suburban neighborhood in New South Wales located 23 km’s south-west of Sidney’s CBD area. Formerly known as the East Hills district, it was established in 1929 when it appeared on the original list of proposed stations for the Temp-East Hills railway line.

Today, proximity to the core and ease of access navigating south and north of the tracks has created demand in this once quiet burb. Homes are quickly rising as young families move in and renovate large detached homes on tree-lined streets. Let’s take a tour of this growing suburb to find out what all the fuss is about.

Who Lives Here?

Panania Family
Figure 2: Panania Family by Bob Mendelsohn, Flickr

Locals describe Panania as a “little happy convenient and family-friendly suburb”. Indeed, many families call it home, attracted by the density of schools, convenient commercial areas nearby, and ease of transport.

The majority of families living here are Australian born, while about 25% comprise of a mix of diverse ethnicities including Chinese, English, Indian, Vietnamese, and Lebanese among others.

While it is quite common to see kids playing on the streets, you’ll also find many young professionals who prefer more affordable rents and a short commute downtown. One can easily hop on the M5 and be at work in less than half an hour or take a nap on the train that takes them direct.

What to Do?

What to do in Panania
Figure 3: Georges River by Bevocalise, Flickr Common Creations

Parks: Panania is surrounded by natural beauty. With Georges River National Park to the south and Kelso Park to the north, residents have many options for serene walks by the water or outdoor activities in the sun.

Panania’s commercial area offers too many shops and restaurants to list here. Located south of the station, you’ll find the public library, Australia Post, family clinics, and grocery stores all conveniently located in the center of town. Here are a few spots the locals love:

Green Bamboo (Tower St. and Picnic Point Rd.): This is where the big parties happen. This family-run Vietnamese restaurant can host large groups for special events like birthdays or anniversaries. Special dishes like diced pepper steak and crocodile and quail broth keep people coming back for more.

Burattinis (Tower St. and Eddie Ave.): If you’re looking to impress a special date, head to Burattinis. This community restaurant is friendly and warm and their staff sure knows how to prepare extravagant looking Lebanese and Italian dishes.

Chill-Bean Café (Anderson Ave): For one of the best breakfast meals in New South Wales, head to Chill-Bean Café. Owner Sam is always around and his friendly staff will make you feel very welcome.

Where to Stay?

Panania is changing rapidly. As the Sydney real estate market heats up, many savvy buyers are looking at this little gem of a spot as a place to invest their money, raise their families, or find affordable rent.

Certain landmarks like the train station or commercial area along Anderson Ave. demand a slight premium as residents will have greater access to amenities and more convenience but gentrification is taking place both north and south as property values continue to increase.

If you settle further south near Panania Public School or further north near Panania North Public School, everything is still pretty close by. If a 20 minute walk seems too long, you’re only ever about a 5 minute walk from a bus line running in all directions.

Even the area north of the station which was once considered less attractive is seeing new construction and quality professional tenants moving in.

Where to stay in Panania

Why Live Here?

Your dollar can go a long way in this little burb. Just last December, Starr partners CEO Douglas Driscoll chose Panania as one of the top three places most likely to see a boom in 2017. Surely, western Sydney is seeing a lot of development and infrastructure potential in the coming years.

Whether you are looking for a home for your family to grow in or investing in a rental property, it is nice to know that your hard earned dollars will grow while you witness a transformation take place.

How to Get Around?

Getting around is extremely easy and convenient with bus routes running north and south along Lambeth St. or Picnic Point Rd. To go east and west, catch a bus off Tower St. or Horsley Rd.
Infrastructure development is planned to start this year to upgrade Panania station which will improve its accessibility and make it more attractive to commuters.
If you own a car, the train tracks do not get in the way of accessing areas from either side as there are many main roads like Carson St. and Park Rd. that will take you to the other side.

How to get around in Panania



Panania offers the best of both worlds. It is a quiet, family-oriented neighborhood that has all the conveniences of a larger urban center.

With real estate prices rising quickly as a result of New South Wales infrastructure boom, a new wave of home buyers and investors are turning west to find value.

City officials will need to keep up with growing demand and invest further in Panania’s growth. This is the perfect time to start looking in this area if you’re looking for an affordable home with room to grow.

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