Sam Cox (Principle)
Qualified Buyers Agent
Licensed Buyers Agent (NSW)
Registered Buyers Agent (Office of Fair Trading)
BSc (Hons) Information Systems Management
Certified and Accredited Project Manager

Starting his investment experience in the year 2000 within the London market, he quickly realised that this was something he was acquiring skills and knowledge that would be the building blocks for the future.

Now based in Sydney since 2008 bringing his investment experience over to Australia, Sam has found himself to be successful in helping other people with what can be a minefield of information, stats and complex decisions to highlight the best property options for individuals with differing targets.

Sam has a background in Project Management, Information Analysis and Systems Analysis. He uses this knowledge to efficiently analyse data from multiple sources that is key to identify critical areas to target in property. He is a logical thinker which also helps with processing information and constructively negotiating the best value. Sam is very calm under pressure which has helped win properties at auction and effectively negotiate attractive purchases.

Outside of work, Sam is a keen sportsman, enjoying a range of activities that include running, cycling and sailing. He’s always keen to discuss the health and nutrition aspects of sport along with trying out new gadgets and apps.